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The greatest male tennis player in the sport’s history, Serbian-born Novak Djokovic, was born on May 22, 1987, in Belgrade, Serbia, which was formerly a part of Yugoslavia and is now a part of Serbia. He not only won 10 Australian Open titles, a first, but also a record-tying 22 Grand Slam singles victories.

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic

Tennis Player

Tennis was Djokovic’s first sport when he was four years old, and he advanced quickly through the junior ranks. Despite the difficulties of growing up in a war-torn Serbia in the 1990s, he eventually rose to the top spot among European players aged 14 and under, then among players aged 16 and under, before turning pro in 2003. He got to the 2007 U. after reaching the Wimbledon and French Open semifinals that year. S. defeated Roger Federer despite being open, winning in straight sets.

Djokovic won the Australian Open, his first Grand Slam victory, and became the first Serbian to win one of tennis’ four most coveted singles titles. In 2008, he continued to dominate while maintaining his impressive play. A bronze medal was awarded to him at the Olympics in Beijing the year after.

In spite of only winning 10 ATP men’s singles matches and only making it to one Grand Slam final (the 2010 U.S. S. Djokovic’s development stalled for nearly three years following the Open. Open from February 2008 to December 2010. His fortunes started to change in December 2010 when he led the Serbian Davis Cup team to the country’s first Davis Cup victory. His Davis Cup victories began a 43-match winning streak, the third-longest in the Open era (since 1968), which culminated in his winning the 2011 Australian Open for a second time.

Djokovic’s remarkable run came to an end when he lost to Federer in the French Open semifinals, but his outstanding performance aided him in rising to the top of the sport after he beat Rafael Nadal to win the Wimbledon championship in 2011. Rafael Nadal was defeated by Djokovic later on in the U.S. The Open final marked S.’s third Grand Slam triumph of the year.

At the Australian Open in 2012, he triumphed over Nadal once more after a tense five-set match that lasted nearly six hours. Djokovic lost to Nadal in four sets at the 2012 French Open, where they squared off in their fourth consecutive Grand Slam final. By defeating Andy Murray in 2013, Djokovic captured his fourth Australian Open title. He won another Wimbledon championship the following year by defeating Federer in a gripping five-set final. Djokovic passed Murray as the all-time leader in Australian Open men’s singles titles during the Open era when he defeated Murray in 2015 to win his fifth overall title. Following a disappointing finish in the 2015 French Open final, world number one Djokovic defeated Federer to win his third Wimbledon championship. During U. He continued to play with impressive skill.

His victory over Federer in the championship match gave him his 10th Grand Slam title overall. Djokovic’s run of 21 games without losing a Grand Slam match when he defeated Murray in the 2016 Australian Open final in straight sets. He did so at the 2016 French Open, defeating Murray once more in a Grand Slam final. By winning his first career French Open championship, Djokovic completed a Grand Slam.

In the U. S. Djokovic advanced to the finals of the Open. He was defeated by Swiss player Stan Wawrinka in four sets, but Open. In the first three Grand Slam events of 2017, he was unable to advance past the quarterfinals. As a result, he announced in July that he would miss the remainder of the year in order to recover from an elbow injury that had been bothering him for the previous 18 months. He made a stage comeback in January 2018. Djokovic gradually improved throughout the year before winning his fourth Wimbledon title in July. He received his third U. award a year and two months later. Open singles competition sdot.

In January 2019, Djokovic won his seventh career Australian Open singles title, which is the most in the tournament’s history. Then, in thrilling fashion, he successfully defended his Wimbledon title by defeating Federer in a match that lasted an unprecedented 4-hour-57-minutes (the longest singles final in tournament history) and was decided by an unheard-of tiebreaker after the fifth set ended in a tie at 12-all.

In 2020, while continuing to rule the Australian Open, Djokovic won his 17th Grand Slam title. The COVID-19 pandemic forced Wimbledon to be postponed that year, but the French Open proceeded as planned. Nadal beat him in the championship match. Djokovic increased his total of triumphs in 2021 by winning the Australian Open. In June of the same year, he captured his second French Open singles crown. By winning Wimbledon again in July 2021, Djokovic tied Federer and Nadal for the most Grand Slam men’s singles titles ever and extended his winning streak to 20. He arrived in America. eventually that year. S. open is attempting to become just the third male athlete to win all four Grand Slam tournaments in a single year. Djokovic lost to Daniil Medvedev of Russia in straight sets despite reaching the finals.

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